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Flash Is Truly Transformational. For Storage For Applications.
For Administrators.
For Users.

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Transformational Architecture

A transformational architecture is needed to fully take advantage of flash. EMC XtremIO was created from scratch to fully leverage flash and enable the data center of the future. It is uniquely designed to address the demands of virtualization for superior random I/O performance, rapid response times, scalability, flexibility, and administrator agility.

Transformational Capabilities

XtremIO finally delivers the breakthrough scale-out architecture, consistent performance, data reduction, thin provisioning, and manageability you’ve been waiting for in an enterprise flash array. More than its individual features, XtremIO allows you to completely rethink your old assumptions about shared storage. Workload consolidation, dynamic provisioning, production & test/development storage consolidation, zero maintenance windows, and more are now real opportunities as you unlock the full business value of flash across your data center. And for your VDI, virtual servers, databases, analytics, and other applications, you can expect more breakthroughs in consistent and predictable performance, massive scalability, and superior total cost of ownership.

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